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December, 2013: Borehole and Mine Shaft Inspection Video Imaging service is available for localization of installation units of borehole structure. It provides live video images via downward and side cameras and can log up to 1200 m of downholes and shafts.

March, 2013: Gravity, MicroGravity and MicroSeismic surveys.

December, 2011: The ground Time Domain Electromagnetic (TEM) survey is started for identification of water bearing layer, structuring and massive sulphide mineralization targeting.
Equipment: GEONICS PROTEM system.

August, 2011: Downhole IP-RESISTIVITY logging service is started for various metal mineralization.

 June, 2011: New borehole logging service is started for identification of water bearing layer.

October, 2010: The deepest record of G&DS LLC for slimhole /borehole/ logging is reached to 1736 m.

July, 2010: A full-scale, Mine Development Geotechnical Borehole Logging Service is started.

July, 2010: Acoustic Full Wave Sonic logging service is started.

July, 2010: Borehole Imaging /Optical Borehole Imaging & Acoustic Borehole Imaging logging/ service are started. The Borehole video imaging is available.

March, 2009: The training for “ Advanced coal borehole logging data interprepation and log analysis ” Denver, CO, USA.

March, 2009: Training for “log processing of borehole Full-wave sonic, Image logging (acoustic & optical imaging) data” Denver, CO, USA.

November 2008 Coal standard borehole logging service (standard loggings + well log analysis & interpretation)  

November 2008 The Nuclear logging service /Gamma-Gamma Density logging/ is started.

October 2008 G&DS is an authorized holder of state license for the radioactive source exploitations. The Cs137 sources activity are 100 milliCurie.

March 2008: The Ground Resistivity & IP survey is started.

February 2008: February 2008: The first uphole logging project has been completed successfully at Gurvan bulag site (Mardai Uranium Group Deposit), by request Western Prospectors company, Dornod, Mongolia. The logging procedures and Uranium ore estimation data quality are fully complied with NI 43-101.

December 2007: Key Personals took a course "Theory and calibration of Gamma-Ray logs" at Grand Junction Calibration Facility, CO, USA (the course is organized by Robert D Wilson, PhD, and Delta Epsilon Instrument Inc)

September 2007: The ground magnetometer survey is started.

April 2007: The Borehole’s uphole logging service is started.

February 2007: Key personals took a course "Radiation Safety training course (logging with radioactive sealed source)" at Golden, CO USA (Mountsopris Instrument and Colog LLC). 

May 2006: The Borehole’s downhole loggings service is started.

October 2005: First Carborne spectrometry survey is done.

2005: G&DS LLC is established.


Mineral exploration




Geotechnical engineering


Environmental monitoring & etc


Ground water investigation

Ground geophysics survey

G&DS LLC provides ground geophysical services in data acquisition, processing and interpretation. We carry out following survey methods of the ground 


Borehole geophysics survey

We carry out the borehole logging to get in-situ physical properties of surrounding formation of subsurface area with wide range of logging tools, in open and cased boreholes. 


Consulting Service

G&DS LLC provides, together with our professional partners, the consulting services for the energy, mineral exploration, environmental, geotechnical, ground water and mining investigations .


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